|—-you don’t know js 
     |—-up & going
          |—-intro programming
          |—-intro javascript
          |—-intro YDKJS
     |—-Scope & Closures
          |—-what is Scope?
          |—-Lexical Scope
          |—-Scope Closure
          |—-Dynamic Scope
          |—-Polyfilling Block Scope
     |—-Types & Grammar
          |—-Mixed Environment javascript
     |—-This & Object Prototypes
          |—-this or that
          |—-this All Makes Sense now!
          |—-Mixing (Up) “Class” Objects
          |—-Behavior Delegation
          |—-ES6 class
     |—-Async & Performance
          |—-Asynchrony: Now & Later
          |—-Program Performance
          |—-Benchmarking & Tuning
          |—-asynquence Library
          |—-Advanced Async Patterns
     |—-ES6 & Beyond
          |—-ES? Now & Future
          |—-Async Flow Control
          |—-API Additions
          |—-Meta Programming
          |—-Beyond ES6

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