persian things that you want to say how do we say it
hello and thanks a lot because of the time and the  oppotunity you gave me to support my application cause    
honostly and seriously i believe the determination of my case wasn’t really fair enough  
the officer has mentioned several reasons about my application refusal  
i should explain that i was completely forced not to come back to canada  
fitst of all
i didnt return to iran with my own tendency  
in 2015 i was just a 19-year-old-boy as the respected officer confirmed in a GCMS note that i have received when they stated “i also recognize the applicant was quite young when he returned to iran”  
and i have already mentioned my problems with my father, there was no support for me by him  
even if it wasn’t for my mother’s illness i was forced to come back since
* i had no money even for my living costs
* i didn’t want to work as a low level worker or to be a  extraloaded person for the canadian government
* i even couldn’t speak English well, at the time
* and i mentiond that my parents have gotten divorced and my problems with my father and step-mother in canada, so, sir how could i remain in canada with a father that told me : “go out of my house” and i had no money and no skills to make money as a just 19-year-old boy
and furthermore my mother had a severe illness and totally needed a compassionate person to take care of her ,while my maternal grandmother herselft was powerless to take care of someone else, and my maternal grandfather had already passed away and there were no one else than me to take care of her  
accept my apology because of the internet interuption, actually internet in iran is limited and low-speeded by the governemt  
pardon me, i didn’t hear you/ i didn’t understand you, would you come again please  
appreciated مچکرم
i am graduated in bachelor of civil engineering but i’ve been working as a programmer and software developer since 2016, actually i’ve been interested in computer science since i was a teenager and due to wrong advices of my school consultant at the time of my university’s major filed choosing i’ve chosen civil enginnering despite my own tendency
now a have my own incorporation called “afraz andishe archin” and i’m working in information and communication technologies
sir, please note that i’ve employed a lawyer to advance my case and the letter she’s submitted was under her advices and because of that i didn’t mention my financial problems,  
actually i had a golden retriever dog and i adored him as a part of me, he got cancer and he needed radiotrapy for treating the cancer but in iran we have just chemitrappy for animals so i bribed a big amount of money to a human radiotrapy center in order to treat my dog stealthily,  
duo to USA sanctions our currencys value has been decreased over 400 times and actually the average salary of an employee in iran is something around 250$ per month and
i have paid 7000$ to my lawyer as it was very important to me and it is now, to advance my case professionally and also after my case refusal she asked for another 7000$ to appeal my case , and since i coudn’t afford it again i commence my appeal by my own and actually i’ve read about “humanitarian and compassiante” laws in sub-section 28-1-c and the words and phrases that my lawyer used in my explanation letter but maybe i can not demonstrate my support of my application like a lawyer with their dedicated words and phrases but i can prove that i honostly coudn’t come back to canada before my PR expiry date
sir i’m aware that i haven’t returned to canada at the right time and i’m not justifying my lateness but i honostly wanted to return to canada before my PR expiry date and i have submitted my application to retain my PR as soon as possible and i tried my best to submit my application at the earliest oppotunity  
as i already mentioned it  
sir, i really need to be in canada not for better finincial situation but because:
* the way my thoughts are, are totally against people here
* i want to set off my busines and start-up
and here constructions are not affordable for these goals
first: i’ve submitted a time-line in my records, actually it is in page number 57 and i mentioned there that what problems and troubles i’ve been involved in every different periods of last 5-year period
second: furthermore there are some reasons that my lawyer told me that it’s better for you to not to mentioned them but i also have my dog’s problems and financial problems and i should explain about these problems too
third: duo to corona virus, every step that i wanted to advance my case ,took too much longer time than typical situations
eventually if i want to conclude it, i need to clarify that:
i have never wasted even one second to return to canada
no evidence is ever provided for political prisoners in iran since:
first: the regime does not want to leave any track of their inhumane actions but i have a phone call record from prison which is recorded by my mother when i called her from prison and there is a robatic sentence at the begining of every call that is made from evin prison that says “this call is from evin prison” and fortunatly i have these recoded calls
the second reason is, i regret to say this, but some people in iran are tendent to be detained as a political prisoner in order to use these political documents for immigrating to west countries and for the following reasons the regime no more provides any document for them
to tell the truth yes, as i was very nervous about my hearing session and it is very important to me and since english is not my first-language i have provided some answers for estimated questions  
چرا تو کانادا نموندی  
پیرو pursuant to
با توجه به concerning
طبق قانون based on law
طبقِ in accordence with
با در نظر گرفتنِ with respect to a 5-year-period
قانون act
قانون rule
بند 28 section 28
تبصره 1-28 subsection 28-1
ماده clause
بند section
تبصره subsection
مفاد provisions
تعهد obligation
مفاد تعهدات اقامت residency obligation provisions
قطع شد disconnected
رو مخمه on my nerve
دوره ی 5 ساله 5-year period
physically فیزیکلی نه فیزیکالی
زنم my wife
همسر قانونیم my spouse
پارتنر قانونیم (مثلا با هم ازدواج سفید کردیم) common-law partner
province پراوینس نه پرُوینس
province montreal or quebec
قبل از [تاریخ] prior to the date of 13 july
صلاح دید discretion
من اعمال نفوذ کردم exercised my authority
authority آ تُ ریتی
authorization آ تِ رای ز ِ یشن
صلاحدید خودمو اعمال کردم exercised my discretion
directly دیرکتلی نه دایرکتلی
می خوام پی ارم رو نگهدارم i want to retain my PR – (noun -> retention)
توجیه کردن نگهداری وضعیت پی آرم justifying the retention of my PR status
lose لووز نه لاس
loss لاس
lost لاست
person پرسِن نه پرسُن
الزامات requirements
از دست دادن پی ار losing (lose, noun -> loss) PR
تو الزامات مفاد تعهدات اقامت رو تبعیت نمی کنی you dont comply wih the requirements of the residency obligation provisions
با توجه به تبعیت نکردن تعهدات اقامت concerning your non-compliance with residency obligation
تعهدات اقامت احراز کردی you have met (از meet) the residency obligation
درخواست نامه application (noun)
از آی اِی دی برای مجوز درخواست کنید apply to (verb) IAD for authorization
درخواست کننده (متقاضی) applicant
در دفاع از درخواستنامه ات in support of your application
اطلاعاتی که بیانگر چگونگی درخواست بازگشت به کاناداست information stating how to apply to return to canada
در اجرای تبصره ی 1.2 in applying subsection 1.2
ارائه کردن یک درخواست نامه submitting an application
ارائه کردن مدارک presenting documents
بررسی کردن مدارک examining the documents
من نتیجه گرفتم i have concluded
حداقل at least
ملاحظات انسانی compassionate consideration
ملاحظات بشردوستانه humanitarian consideration
تصمیمگیری راجع به وضعیت تو determination of your status
status اِستَتِس
من همچنین تمام تلاشمو کردم مفید باشم برای بچه ها  i have also taken into my best interests of the childs
فرم پر شده completed form
مکاتبات correspondence
گرفتن ویزا از سفارت obtaining visa from embassy
تجدید نظر من در کانادا اتفاق میافتد my apeal will take place in canada
حق ِ سفر داری you R entitled to travel
مجوز authorization
مجوز اتِرایزیشن
مجوز دادن (اعطای مجوز) granting authorization
تا قبل از 60 روز ( نهایتا تا 60 روز) no later than 60 days
تا 60 روز از زمان گرفتن این نامه within 60 days from the date of this letter
صادر شدن (ویزا) issue
تو رو قادر به بازگشت کند to enable you to return
دفتر خارجی مهاجرت کانادا canadian immigration office overseas
sincerely سین سی ِ رلی
فرستادن به دفتر ای ای دی direct to an office of IAD
شما می توانیدروند تجدید نظر را با فرستادن فرم آغاز کنید you may commence an appeal by sending a form
مقام possession
ژست و حالت قرارگیری position
shall شَل
period پیری ِد
اینا علت رد شدن نیست these things are not the reasons of refusal
stating اِستِیتینگ
متاسفم که باید اعلام کنم i regret to inform you
یک کپی بعلاوه ی فرم ها a copy as well as forms
اخرین جایی که اقامت داشتی where you last resided
از این گذشته furthermore
بهت قول میدم you have my word
gcms global case management system of canada
تو باید از تمام شرایط تحت ایین نامه ها تبعیت کنی you should comply with any conditions imposed under the regulations
تو مشمول بقیه ی مفاد این قوانین هستی you R subject to other provisions of this act
تحمیل شده imposed
enter اینتر نه اِنتر
تمامی شرایط با جزئیات در آیین نامه ها آورده شده all the conditions set out in the regulations
concurrence کانکِرِنس
اجماع consensus
رضایت concurrence OR consent
توافق گسترده widespread agreement
فرایندی که به دنبال توافق گسترده بین اعضای یک گروه است A process that seeks widespread agreement among group members
consensus vs concurrence ? As nouns the difference between concurrence and consensus is that concurrence is agreement; concurring while consensus is a process of that seeks widespread agreement among group members
concurrency همزمانی
دستورالعمل های اشاره شده در تبصره 1 instructions reffered to in subsection 1
این نامه به تصمیم گیری در باره ی وضعیت تو اشاره می کند this letter refers to the determination of your status
نظم عمومی public pulicy
وظایف فرد نسبت به دیگران individual’s duties toward others
دستورالعمل های مذکور در بتصره 1.2 ملاحظات سیاست عمومی را مقرر خواهد کرد The instructions referred to in subsection (1.2) shall prescribe public policy considerations
مقرر کردن وظایف یک فرد نسبت به دیگران the prescription of an individual’s duties toward others
ملاحظات سیاست عمومی که منجر به محافظت از اتباع خارجی public policy considerations that aim to protect foreign nationals
کمک کردن aid, aim, help
تحقیر کردن humiliating
تحقیر کردن degrading
سواستفاده  mostBad -> mostGood
rape -> abuse -> exploitation
فسخ revokation
درخواست کردن (با خواهش / التماس طوری)  invoke
عفو کردن  advocation
خروج quit, exit کوییت
تقریبا quite, almost کوایْت
ساکت بودن to be quite کوایِت
برگشتت your return
تمام ابعاد پروند all aspects of your application
مطالعه ی شدید intense studying
برای نیل به این هدف for the purposes of

Residency obligation

(1) A permanent resident must comply with a residency obligation with respect to every five-year period.


(2) The following provisions govern the residency obligation under subsection (1):

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