|—-Learn C# (LINK)
     |—-Hello World
          |—-Hello World
          |—-Project: Console Creatures
          |—-Article: Go Off-Platform with C#
     |—-Data Types and Variables
          |—-Data Types and Variables
          |—-Working with Numbers
          |—-Working with Text
          |—-Project: Mad Libs
          |—-Project: Money Maker
     |—-Logic and Conditionals
          |—-Understanding Logic in C#
          |—-Conditional Statements
          |—-Project: Password Checker
          |—-Project: Choose Your Own Adventure
          |—-Method Calls and Input
          |—-Method Output
          |—-Quiz: C# Methods
          |—-Project: Architect Arithmetic
          |—-Project: Exquisite Corpse
          |—-Alternate Expressions
     |—-Arrays and Loops
          |—-Project: Caesar Cipher
          |—-Project: True or False
     |—-Classes and Objects
          |—-Basic Classes and Objects
          |—-Static Members
          |—-Project: The Object of Your Affection
     |—-Interfaces and Inheritance
          |—-Project: App Interfaces
          |—-Project: Supernatural Inheritance
          |—-Reference Fundamentals
          |—-The Object Class
          |—-String, The Exception
          |—-Project: Rover Control Center
     |—-Lists and LINQ
          |—-Project: Programming Languages
|—- Learn ASP.NET(LINK)
     |—-Make Your First ASP.NET App
         |—-Article: What is ASP.NET Razor Pages?
         |—-Article: Getting Started with ASP.NET and Visual Studio
     |—-ASP.NET: Razor Syntax
         |—-Lesson: Razor Pages Syntax I
         |—-Lesson: Razor Pages Syntax II
         |—-QUIZ: Learn C#: Razor Syntax
         |—-Article: Add a Razor Page in Visual Studio
     |—-ASP.NET: Page Models
         |—-Lesson: Page Model Basics
         |—-Lesson: Routing
         |—-Lesson: Redirection
         |—-QUIZ: Page Models Quiz
     |—-ASP.NET: Databases
         |—-Lesson: Data Projects
         |—-Lesson: Data Models
         |—-Lesson: Data Edits
         |—-Lesson: Data Validation
         |—-Lesson: Data with LINQ
         |—-QUIZ: Data Tools and Entity Framework
         |—-QUIZ: Data Validation and LINQ
         |—-Article: Add a Database and Scaffold Pages in Visual Studio
     |—-ASP.NET: Middleware
         |—-Lesson: Introduction To ASP.NET Middleware
         |—-QUIZ: Intro To ASP.NET Middleware
         |—-Lesson: Built-in ASP.NET Middleware
         |—-QUIZ: Built-In Middleware for ASP.NET
     |—-ASP.NET: Dependency Injection
         |—-Lesson: Dependency Injection
         |—-QUIZ: Dependency Injection Quiz

|—-Learn Node.js (LINK)
     |—-What is the Back-End?
          |—-Lesson: What is the Back-end?
          |—-Article: JavaScript for Node.js
          |—-Article: What Is JSON?
     |—-Introduction to Node.js
          |—-Lesson: Introduction to Node.js
          |—-Article: Setting Up Node Locally
          |—-Article: Node Package Manager
          |—-Article: Implementing Modules in Node
          |—-External Resource: Node Modules
          |—-Quiz: Introduction to Node.js
     |—-Node.js Essentials
          |—-Lesson: Node.js Essentials
          |—-Project: Message Mixer
          |—-Quiz: Node.js Essentials
     |—-Setting up a Server with HTTP
          |—-Lesson: Setting up a Server with HTTP
          |—-Article: What is REST?
          |—-Project: Rock-Paper-Scissors
          |—-Quiz: Setting up a Server with HTTP
     |—-Next Steps
          |—-Article: Learn Node.js: Next Steps

|—-Learn Express (LINK)
          |—-Lesson: Learn Express Routes?
          |—-Lesson: Learn Express Routers?

          |—-Lesson: Express Routes Code Challenges
          |—-Quiz: Express Routes Quiz
          |—-Lesson: Middleware
          |—-Lesson: Router Parameters
          |—-Lesson: Express Middleware Code challenges
          |—-Quiz: Middleware Quiz

     |—-Introduction to Kotlin
          |—-Lesson: Introduction to Kotlin
          |—-Quiz: Introduction to Kotlin
          |—-Article: From editor to output
          |—-Project: ASCII Art
     |—-Data Types & Variables
          |—-Lesson: Data Types & variables
          |—-Lesson: Using Text Variables
          |—-Lesson: Using Number Variables
          |—-Article: Variables
          |—-Project: Mad Libs
          |—-Project: Math Magic
     |—-Conditional Expressions
          |—-Lesson: Conditional Expressions
          |—-Article: Conditional Expressions
          |—-Project: Self-Grading Quiz
          |—-Article: Lists
          |—-Article: Sets
          |—-Article: Maps
          |—-Quiz: Collections
          |—-Project: Animal Sanctuary
          |—-Lesson: Loops
          |—-Article: Loops
          |—-Project: Shape Maker
          |—-Lesson: Functions
          |—-Quiz: Functions
          |—-Project: DIY Functions
          |—-Article: Recursion
          |—-Lesson: Classes
          |—-Quiz: Classes
          |—-Project: Codey’s Calculator

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