As a beginner you need to know what you’re doing and what is cracking about, so basically cracking is finding a combolist ( An email:password or user:password list ) with various methods and then try the combinations in different sites/platform to see if any of them works.

The concept behind this is that some people (or most ) uses the same login details all over the internet and we are exploiting this.


Dear crackers you need to know the most important thing about cracking and about Internet usage in general and it is : Your security and safety. Cracking is certainly illegal but not that much ( it takes too much effort to track you and the benefits of doing that is null)

BUT YOU MUST TAKE SOME PRECAUTIONS EVEN IF YOU FEEL SAFE. It will help you when you’re cracking and hacking in general so here is some actions to take :


So now you have all the informations you need to start your cracking career, let’s move to the main part :

We will use in this first level a very basic method to get our first accounts it wont give you netflix accounts immediatlyu but you have to be patient and experiment from the bottom to really learn. if you read this tutorial just to have quick accounts then go search for them online. Lets begin :

So now you can start cracking with the most basic method , of course this is far from being the best method but you need to start somewhere and i think this is the best way to learn the basics and to train yourselF , i’ll make a level 2 tutorial soon to show you a more advanced technique so check from one time to another



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